Apply for a Grant

We’re here to provide direct help to children in B.C. with special needs - it’s what we’re passionate about and we cover a wide spectrum of support.

Variety helps children who meet the following criteria:

  • Children from birth to their 19th birthday.
  • B.C. or Yukon resident for a minimum of three months with a valid Health Care Card.
  • Qualified special need (medical/developmental) as recognized by a designated professional.
  • Financial circumstance that limits the ability to afford the item or service required.

Follow these simple steps to apply:

  1. Complete our online prescreen form for your Individual or Organizational request (Emergency Response and Sunshine Coaches don't require a prescreen).
  2. After we receive your form, we'll contact you based on our guidelines and provide a formal application for you to complete and submit.
  3. We'll review your completed application and contact you with the status of your approval.

Life-saving medical care and services

  • Funding for travel and accommodations while a child is receiving urgent medical care outside their home community.
  • Grants to cover costly medication or medical supplies.
  • Organizational grants for pediatric or neo-natal medical equipment, funding for construction or renovations of medical centres who assist children in need.

Life-changing mobility, communication and therapies

  • Funding for mobility equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, orthotics and adapted bicycles.
  • Grants to cover hearing devices and specialized therapies.
  • Organizational grants for child development centres for equipment, construction and renovation costs as well as therapeutic teaching technologies.

Life-enriching education and experiences

  • Funding for educational bursaries and tutoring programs.
  • Grants for specialized camps.
  • Organizational grants for specialized programs that offer children enriching experiences.

Individual Grants

We’re here for children who have special needs with a wide range of support that will help them achieve their unique potential.

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Organizational Grants

We team up with organizations that support child development and hospitals that provide medical care to children in need of pediatric treatment throughout B.C.

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Sunshine Coaches

We believe children deserve to have access to life-enriching support. Our Sunshine Coach program helps make that possible by providing safe transport to places providing specialized therapies, education and experience.

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Emergency Response

We’re here to help when you need immediate assistance arising from a medical emergency. We can provide funding for you to access medical care, supplies and related expenses not covered by MSP, Pharmacare, hospitals or other agencies.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us to discuss what other assistance we provide: Call: 310.KIDS (5437) or email.