The salute to our 50th anniversary began with the 50th annual Show of Hearts Telethon broadcast in February, and we’re thrilled to announce the next installment of our year-long celebrations as we introduce the Sunshine Family Vans fundraising program.

The Sunshine Family Vans are new, fully accessible vans that will be provided to families in B.C. with children who need wheelchairs for mobility. The fundraising campaign goes until March, 2017, and in that time we aim to raise $2.5 million.

This program differs from our van conversion funding, which covers partial conversion costs to an existing family vehicle. Variety provides up to $7,500 for this type of support, but families must fundraise to make up the balance, meaning they often wait a year before being able to afford a wheelchair accessible van.

The Sunshine Family vans will allow families to travel together in safety and comfort to doctors’ appointments, school and outings in their communities. It’s so important for families to be able to participate together in these activities, and it’s just one of the ways Variety help children with special needs triumph over their challenges.

If you would like to support the Sunshine Family Vans program with a donation, please click here.

If you know a family that could benefit from a new, fully converted van, please contact us at 604.320.0505, or apply here.

We presented the first Sunshine Family Van to Surrey mom Danielle and her family at the Show of Hearts Telethon in February, 2016.

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