Board Member Criteria

The Governance Committee is responsible for nominating members to the Board of Directors. Those seeking nomination to the Board must meet the criteria as developed by the Governance Committee upon approval by the current Board. It is desirable that all potential Board Members be able to demonstrate:

PASSION Bring your enthusiasm and commitment to the mission of Variety.

ETHICS Recognize that you are an ambassador of a cause based on compassion and generosity.

UNDERSTANDING Appreciate what your role is and understand the difference between governance and administration. 

GIVING One should give before asking others to do so. Lead by example and support Variety however you can.

SHARING Help spread the word. Invite your peers to know more about what makes Variety so special.

TIMING Is it the right time to become involved? Is it the right time to leave or move on? All Board Members are required to sign a letter of commitment that includes references to these criteria.