Variety's 5 Pillars of Support

Mental Wellness

Almost 20% of kids in Canada suffer from some form of mental illness or disorder … that’s 1 in 5 children who need help. Canada has the third highest youth suicide rate in the industrialized world and children as young as 5 years old have been found to be actively suicidal in BC. Variety BC has seen the number of grant requests for counselling services and therapies increase significantly over the past year. Mental health is often classified as an invisible disease. Kids who are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD or any other classifications of mental health disorders appear typical on the outside but it’s what going on inside that is troublesome and it’s why kids desperately need help. Variety helps to fund specialized clinical counselling and therapy sessions. When counselling or therapy is delivered in a timely manner for a period of time as is required by each child, it can give children and youth coping strategies that enable them to deal with their situation. It’s a huge relief for parents to know that they can turn to Variety to help cover costs associated with expensive mental wellness counselling and therapy.

Specialized Therapies

From providing communication skills to rebuilding crucial muscles, Variety BC raises funds for specialized therapy programs that address broad deficits in childhood development but are not covered by provincial health care. Physiotherapy can help kids regain their strength and Occupational Therapy can help kids improve their fine motor skills while Speech & Language Therapy can help kids find their voice.


Variety BC has always been committed to ensuring children with mobility challenges can get out, be mobile and participate actively in their communities. Access to mobility equipment also gives kids a sense of independence and the ability to do things for themselves by themselves … it allows them to move with freedom. Mobility equipment isn’t just limited to manual & power wheelchairs but also includes adaptive tricycles, custom orthotics, standing walkers, custom orthotics, wheelchair-accessible Sunshine Coaches and Sunshine Family Vans.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Variety BC helps to cover costs of lifesaving medical equipment and supplies where health care ends providing direct help to children with special needs. These items range from feeding supplies for newborns and hearing aids so kids can hear to enclosed beds so that children with epilepsy can stay safe if they have a seizure during the night. Variety also provides grants for CPAP breathing machines for children who have sleep apnea and for expensive Continuous Glucose Monitors for children living with Type 1 Diabetes. The life-changing CGMs take away the need for kids to prick themselves with needles 8 to 10 times a day and ensures parents are able to continuously monitor their child’s blood sugar level keeping them safe … and alive.


Variety BC wants to ensure that every child thrives at school but each child has his or her own individual requirements when it comes to education. And it’s very easy for kids to slip through the cracks in public education when they have special needs. Anxiety, ADHD, autism, developmental delays and dyslexia can all make school one of the most difficult challenges in a child’s life. That’s why Variety provides funding for tutoring as well as for tuition and bursaries for specialized schools so that children have the best opportunities to learn … and so that parents can have one less thing to worry about.