Alice’s Story

Alice was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects her brain development and related motor function. This condition will result in Alice experiencing life-long symptoms and complications — both physical and mental — but research has proven that her condition is treatable with intensive therapy.

Alice’s family couldn’t afford the expensive treatments she needed and they weren’t covered by Provincial health care. However, with the support of our donors, Variety was able to step in and fund intensive physiotherapy sessions and an adaptive bike so that Alice can achieve her motor milestones.

And achieve them she has! The doctors said Alice would never walk. Alice has proven them wrong and she can now take a few steps with minimal assistance. She also crawls on her own while exploring her expanding world with delight. Her motor skills have improved dramatically and that has made life much easier for the entire family.

With a minimum of $5 each month, your contribution will help ensure kids like Alice are provided with consistent, year-round support and not have to be placed on a wait list for essential treatments.


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