Great Art and a Gold Heart

This month a handful of amazing kids had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing artist.

Celebrated local artist Athena Bax welcomed a few Variety families into her Vancouver studio to begin creation of a one-of-a-kind art piece, all in the spirit of helping other kids. The piece will be auctioned at the upcoming Gold Heart Gala on September 30th, where partners in philanthropy, Ian Telfer and Nancy Burke, will be honoured.

The project was a unique and exciting opportunity for all involved, and a wonderful act of giving back from Athena and all the families involved.

Check out this video of the collaboration in action!

From Athena, on the work in progress:

The Canvas is slowly transforming. I am a support system moving around each heart created by the amazing five. Bruce, Liam, Rebecca, Adam, and Dominique. I am honoured and moved every day as I add even more love and warmth to this very special piece. Happiness and joy, bright colours and freedom. 

Join us on September 30th at the Gold Heart Gala! Click here to register.


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