INSPIRE – Variety’s Newsletter Fall 2019

Variety BC’s Newsletter “INSPIRE” provides feature updates from the families of the children that you help directly, event fundraising totals and stories from donors like you that really inspire us!

This edition includes a story from Cole who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. A doctor told his family that physical therapy using an RT300 FES Leg Cycle was crucial to his recovery. The cycle combines electrical stimulation with a motorized ergometer that allows repetitive cycling activity as part of a rehabilitation program for children with spinal cord injuries. He received funding from Variety that helped fund a cycle for Cole to use. Since then he’s been doing rehab, his pain has subsided and he now has enough movement in his core and his legs to be able to use a walker to get around.

Your support helps Cole reach his unique potential. Read on to find out more about our Variety Week, Show of Hearts Telethon and One Night in the Valley events from 2019!



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