The Jack and Leone Carlile Centre now open at Lions Gate Hospital’s HOpe centre

Board members and staff from Variety BC were thrilled to be on hand to help celebrate the opening of the brand new Jack and Leone Carlile Centre, a concurrent disorder centre dedicated to addressing the needs of youth living with addictions and/or mental illness.

Variety BC contributed $250,000 towards the completion of the facility, the first of its kind in British Columbia.

Mental Wellness is one of Variety’s core funding pillars, and our donors feel very strongly about being there with BC families to ensure kids and youth have a chance to grow up happy and healthy.

The challenges our youth are facing today need innovative solutions, and that is what the Jack and Leone Carlile Centre and its programing represents.

Donations can be made to Variety to support mental wellness through our new Variety Kids Can campaign. Learn more about the campaing here.


Variety BC launch Variety Kids Can campaign for children with special needs