National Volunteer Week

Variety is the spice! National Volunteer Week is April 23-29, and this year’s theme is the concept of recognizing a broader definition of volunteering.

Volunteering can take many forms. Often Canadians across this large and diverse country are involved in volunteer activities and don’t even realize it!

Variety – the Children’s Charity and our fabulous volunteers are already onboard with a broad concept of volunteering. The opportunities to get involved with fundraising and helping children through Variety are many, varied and always changing. Our volunteers come with a wide variety of skills and abilities, and they are unfailing in their response. Sometimes we look at a potential volunteer opportunity and wonder if there is anyone who would want to do it, yet someone almost always steps up! The enthusiasm, commitment and adaptability of Variety volunteers make our team a pleasure to engage with and support.

The past half year has been a period of change. We’ve adapted to a one-day Telethon in February, which was preceded by a new partner event, Variety Week, last fall. We’re not rolling posters this spring, but we’re getting volunteer help with research and thank you calls. Recently we introduced a new volunteer management system, which enables online registration and shift sign-ups. Volunteers can also print their own service reports or a calendar with all their volunteer dates listed! Gradually, staff and many of the more than 3000 Variety volunteers are adapting to the new system and enjoying it. They can register for a shift on their phones while riding Skytrain and invite their friends to join in! The resulting administrative efficiencies mean that there’s more time for planning, recognition and listening to what volunteers have to say.

You are an integral part of a larger group of 12.7 million Canadians who volunteer throughout the country. The diverse ways people express their caring for their communities and their environment in this country is truly inspirational. Variety thanks you for the many ways you support our organization, turning your caring thoughts and enthusiasm into actions that impact and improve the lives of children throughout British Columbia!

Thank you and best wishes for 2017!


The Jack and Leone Carlile Centre now open at Lions Gate Hospital’s HOpe centre