Thank you! Variety Week raised over $680,000!

Wow! Our first ever Variety Week was an amazing, moving, exciting success thanks to the generosity and support of you in the community! The fantastic team at Global BC did a wonderful job of sharing the stories about the kids we help, and we are so grateful. With over $680,000 raised, we will be able to help more than 265 kids live their best and happiest lives! We also want to thank the Vancouver Foundation for their outstanding donation of $200,000, which was presented live, on air at the Variety Week Street Festival in Surrey. A special thanks goes to TELUS and TeeKay Shipping who each donated $10,000.

Didn’t catch all the stories live? Most of them are available online – and Global BC will be updating some of the stories as we head into Telethon 2017 this February 12th!


Meet Kristy Gill – Variety BC CEO and Leader Extraordinaire!