Our all-star Boat for Hope Committee just recently celebrated their 22ne Anniversary with Variety. The majority of the members have been volunteering with Variety since 1998 back when James Safronek shared with Rick Cassels how he had the idea of treating Variety’s kids to a unique day of fun to which Rick replied, “Let’s do it!”. Shortly after, the Committee brought to life a fun-filled event that allowed kids AND their families to enjoy a stress-free pirate adventure on the water. They have all worked tirelessly for the past 22 years to make sure each Boat for Hope event is as good as the last and because of COVID-19, the Committee is actively planning a new and innovative way of bringing Boat for Hope to our families this summer so stay tuned.

Thank you to Committee Chair Rick Cassels, Dan Greenwood, Jennifer Kastelein, Kelly Stuart, Mark Endersby, Travis Endersby, Leah Kleisinger, James Botham and James & Shelley Safronek for your generous commitment and dedication to helping make a difference in the lives of BC’s kids with special needs!


Windsor Pylwood Joins Forces with Variety