A Boat for Hope Volunteer Share’s Their Story

The summer brings a busy event season for Variety BC and the commitment and dedication of our volunteers is key to the success of these events. We are privileged that many individuals and groups offer their time and talents to Variety year-round. In the summer especially, volunteerism is the driving force behind our fundraisers and offers ample opportunities for volunteers to give back to families in their communities. Samantha, a corporate volunteer from Teekay, offered her perspective of this year’s Boat for Hope in Vancouver:

“Each year I look forward to volunteer at the Boat For Hope event. When the skippers (and their friends and family), volunteers, service groups, firefighters and corporate supporters all work together, that itself just speaks volumes and the energy on the water, dock and land is radiating!

One of my favorite moments is when the kids return back from the water with a huge smile on their faces and share with me their pirate adventure on the high seas. I still remember that one big strong high-five I got from Peter many years ago when I first met him and his mother on the dock, and I got another high-five from him a couple years ago when he returned from the high sea. Saw Peter again this year – no high-five but he gave us the biggest smile when we’re taking a photo with him.

The parents and/or the caregivers of these children are always so thankful and grateful of what we do but I always say to them what we do is nothing compare to what they need to do to take care of their children and the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.” – Samantha Heng from Teekay

We believe that working as a team means bigger and better results. We’re so grateful to work with over 3000 volunteers each year who offer us their hands and hearts to help us help kids. Looking to volunteer or put on your own fundraiser? Get involved with us today!

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