Variety Heartstrings - Donors Messages

We asked our donors what inspired them to give to Variety and here are their responses! You can search on first or last name of our donors to find their messages.

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❤️Yee Pei Aw Yeong, Burnaby

Just want to say thank you of doing this for all the neurodivergent kids.

❤️Christa Caruk, West Vancouver

I agree 100%, music is therapeutic.

❤️Victor Hunter, Richmond

All the best to Variety kids with complex health needs.

❤️Maurice Newby, Delta

Because your help with children touches my heart

❤️Edward Lee, Vancouver

Variety helped me as a child.

❤️Andrea Tang, Vancouver

I know first-hand the life changing impact Variety makes for children and their families. I believe there is no greater calling than supporting the health of children, in particular kids with the most extraordinary and complex health needs.

❤️Allan Webber, Vancouver

I was moved by Isaacs's story in the email as I was when Isaac told his story on the last Variety Show of Hearts Telethon. I know my donation will go to support those like Isaac, his family and other children with their needs.
I wish all the best!

❤️Patricia Champagne, Burnaby

Kids always should be happy and healthy.

❤️Vicki Romanin, Whistler

It's helping kids like Isaac. My heart goes out to him and his family, along with all the other families who are struggling.

❤️Josh Pasnak, Burnaby

I support kids with Type 1 Diabetes and all Variety Kids!

❤️Jennifer Shang, Burnaby

Families need our help - please give generously!

❤️Cathy Michitsch, Hope

I give to Variety because all kids deserve a chance to be kids!