Variety Week 2018: October 22 – October 26

We’re so excited to announce that the week of October 22 – October 26 will be our third Annual Variety Week on Global BC! Last year, your generosity raised an amazing $835,000.  The stories we shared all week long were updated at our 52nd Show Of Hearts Telethon.

We are thankful to Global BC and the whole Corus network for the amazing support we received, on-air, online and everywhere. Your generosity has a direct impact on improving the lives of kids with special needs in BC.

Check back here for updates and details on Variety Week 2018!

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Thank you for your support, and if you can, please consider giving to Variety BC as monthly donors, so all kids can be kids. Donate now

Sponsorship opportunities:

  • Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Tune into every news segment on Global BC the week of October 22 - October 26! Our 3rd Annual Variety Week will introduce you to the kids and families your donations help. Updates will happen at our 2019 Show Of Hearts Telethon, where you'll be able to see how you've improved the lives of the kids in BC!

Looking to Help?

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