About Membership

Variety Members are individuals committed to helping us enrich the lives of children who have special needs. These champions of our cause get involved in various ways to show their support and ensure we can help as many families around the province as possible.

As a member of Variety BC, you are offered the chance to grow personally, socially, and professionally. You are joining a well-respected organization working in the service of children. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a vast group of like-minded people all focused on inspiring hope, enriching lives, and building a better future for the children of BC!

Show your heart by becoming a member for an annual fee of $75 of an individual membership or $120 for a family members (2 people). This gets you a vote at our Annual General Meeting, the opportunity to be elected to the Board of Directors and membership rates for many Variety events.

We’d love to hear from you! Start the conversation by clicking here, or download the membership application by clicking “Become a Member” below!

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Looking to Help?

We believe we can achieve a lot more when we work together! Make a donation, volunteer your time, or even set up your own community fundraiser with our support!