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Adaptive & Mobility Equipment


7-year-old Variety child, Grace is a 7-year-old girl from West Kelowna who was diagnosed with Mosaic Triploidy and Agenesis of Corpus Callosum (ACC). Mosaic Triploidy is a genetic condition caused by an abnormal number of chromosomes while ACC is an extremely rare disease characterized by partial or complete absence of the bundle of nerve fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. Both conditions affect her mobility, muscle tone and her ability to speak. Grace currently uses a wheelchair to help her get around but before that, she had a special stroller provided by Variety. Just last year, Variety presented Grace and her mom, Cheryl with a Sunshine Family Van which allows Cheryl to take Grace to school and to her medical appointments. Variety will continue to be there for the family stepping in to help support Grace as she grows.