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Medical Equipment


Kean is a 6-year-old boy from Chilliwack who has been diagnosed with autism, asthma, childhood apraxia of speech and a seizure disorder. He has struggled with his chronic health conditions since birth often requiring frequent medical appointments & hospitalizations, visits to the emergency room and therapy sessions. Kean is currently waiting to be tested for a sleep disorder.

These medical conditions don’t keep Kean down though. His mom, Jenise describes him as a “happy little guy who loves singing, playing strategy games on his tablet and going to school”. Kean is very affectionate and sometimes picks random people to wave to and hug. He will also randomly pat Jenise on the back and tell her, “You’re doing a really good job Mom.”

Right now, building Lego creations is his passion and he is also learning to print. He finds anything that requires fine motor skills challenging so he tires easily when practicing his printing but he loves math and displays a real ability for adding numbers using his fingers.

Since infancy, Kean has experienced frequent drops in his oxygen levels during asthma attacks, viral-induced illnesses and while sleeping. To help keep Kean safe during these times, Variety has provided him with a Massimo Rad5 Pulse Oximeter along with oximeter supplies. The oximeter has made a huge difference in Kean’s life — and in his parent’s lives — as it has greatly improved his health.

Kean is currently enrolled in equine therapy that his family pays for to help him with his balance but Kean will likely need more assistance from Variety with therapy for his speech & motor skills as he grows and develops.

“We are now able to monitor Kean’s oxygen and heart rate levels at home. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we can better predict the times we need to take him in for medical intervention. Kean uses a nebulizer frequently and is on daily puffers to help manage his breathing. It offers us more restful nights knowing that if something happens, we can hear the alarms going off and we can immediately help him. And for that, we are so grateful to all the donors who support Variety. Without you, this would not have been possible.”

— Jenise, Kean’s Mom