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Specialized Therapies


Oliver is an outgoing 4-year-old boy from Surrey. Born prematurely at 32 weeks, he spent his first month in the NICU at BC Children’s Hospital where he would spend the majority of his first 16 months due to severe reflux & projectile vomiting. Oliver was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagus (EOE) … a rare condition which can cause pain and may lead to trouble swallowing and food getting stuck in the throat. Due to his condition which is assessed through regular endoscopies, Oliver presents with hyperactivity & impulsivity sensory issues and he also carries a gene for polycystic kidney disease. Variety has recently begun providing Oliver with music therapy to help with his language delay. His mom, Tami shares that music therapy has not only helped improve Oliver’s language skills development but his reading skills and impulsivity as well.

“When Oliver began therapy, he had difficulty sitting still and now he’s able to focus. Thank you Variety and to your generous donors for this amazing intervention opportunity!”

                 – Tami, Oliver’s Mom