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Private Assessments


Sep is a 3-year-old boy from Prince Rupert. Up until the age of 1, Sep was non-verbal, didn’t respond to his name and didn’t make any eye contact which immediately concerned his parents. Variety was able to fund Sep with a private autism assessment otherwise the wait for a publicly funded assessment would’ve been two years. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, Sep’s family was able to access $22,000 per year in government funding to get Sep the professional help he needed and his therapies began almost immediately.

Since February, Sep has been receiving both occupational therapy and speech therapy once a week and his mother, Zeddy confirms that he is making great progress.  “He can now communicate his wants and needs by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and has learned a total of ten words,” says Zeddy. “He also now makes eye contact more frequently and he responds either verbally or physically when spoken to.”

With the diagnosis, the family now has access to a professional advisor who is working with them to plan for Sep’s future therapies and educational needs. “Sep would probably still be locked in his own little world if it hadn’t been for Variety coming to our rescue,” adds Zeddy. “We are incredibly grateful to all the donors for supporting Variety so that other kids just like Sep can receive the same opportunities that our little boy now has to grow and to thrive!”