Internal Monthly Donor Upgrade Campaign (For Stratcom’s Use):

Our goal for this coming year is to give 50 more BC kids the help they need to achieve their full potential and thanks to Ritchie Woodruff, a fellow Variety Cares Community Member, we’re on our way to reaching that goal. Ritchie has generously offered to match all increases in monthly donations for one year up to a maximum of $10,000.

That means if you increase your monthly donation by $5 a month, Ritchie will match it with another $5 a month for 12 months.

If you refer a friend, colleague or family member to join the Variety Cares Community this summer, their donation will be matched for 12 months.

The average grant per child is $2,500 and with Ritchie’s matching donation, Variety should be able to help 38 more kids if all monthly donors increase their monthly donation by $5 a month.

How much would the donor like to increase his/her monthly donation by?*

If the donor increase his/her monthly donation, s/he would be entitled to receive a package of Variety Sticky Notes
Would the donor like to make a one-time gift with the same payment method s/he gives monthly? If so, enter the donation amount and inform him/her that the gift will be processed in 3 business days.
If the donor refer a friend to become a monthly donor and when the friend has confirmed to sign up, the donor would be entitled to receive a Variety Cell Phone Holder.
Optional - Would the donor like to adjust his/her current monthly donation?
If so, please tick the box below and elaborate the details in the comment box.