Like any other child, Amelie is an active and happy girl who is friendly, bright, sometimes loud, and always lovely. Amelie is a wonderful and smart 30-month-old with Down syndrome and a heart defect. Her family’s goals are for her to be happy, healthy and integrated with other kids and the community.
Amelie lives in Coquitlam with her Mom and Dad who emigrated from Chile in 2016. She loves to dance, sing, paint, play in the park, explore and play instruments. Amelie’s family needed some help getting her the therapies that she needs to reach her full potential because she struggles with a heart condition, gross motor skills as well as speech.

Amelie presents with global developmental delay for which she sees a physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist. Her parents were eager to help her advance her motor skills. But, unfortunately, the local Child Development Centre could only see her every two months. This was inadequate for her to make progress in her motor skills. The family could not afford to provide private therapy for her. Luckily, Variety and donors stepped in to support.

Thanks to her physiotherapy funded by Variety last year, Amelie learned to walk on her own. She continues to need therapy to continue to meet milestones and make developmental strides, but her progress is steady and she has a great community of support.

A note from Amelie’s Mom

“We have so many victories to celebrate. Amelie is growing happy, healthy, and getting stronger. She was able to walk at 17 months which for a kid with Down syndrome is a significant accomplishment. We as parents are getting good guidance about education and support. At her physiotherapy she has been showing amazing progress, the therapies at the swimming pool are helping her get stronger legs, climb stairs, swim and jump. At her speech therapy, she is making progress with more sounds every time and copying words. Her sign language has improved a lot.

We want to say a big thank you to Variety and to the people who support this organization. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this amazing program, you can’t imagine how big it is for us to have your support. To see our girl happy and growing and healthy is the best gift ever. Amelie has Down syndrome but that is not what she is, she is an amazing girl and we are so proud to be her parents. With faith and support from us and good people as you, Amelie is growing to be an amazing person and contribute to society.” Alexandra, Amelie’s Mom

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