Anton’s Story

Anton is an inquisitive and happy boy who faces some struggles with his language skills. Diagnosed with Social Communication Disorder, he has difficulty expressing his basic wants and needs as well as communicating about the world around him. Anton has challenges with retaining and formulating his vocabulary consistently which makes it hard for him to express himself and is the cause of social frustration for him.

His diagnosis falls just outside the autism spectrum, meaning Anton doesn’t receive any designated funds for speech therapy. Thanks to funds given by donors, Variety was able to step in and give Anton a grant for Speech and Language Therapy. In working with his therapist, Anton has made steps to round out his language skills. He is more flexible during transitions and is able to express himself more clearly in conversation. With the help of donors, Anton can communicate with his family and be understood. You’re awesome, Anton!

Watch Anton on the 2018 Show of Hearts below:

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