Camdyn is a super friendly, happy, and optimistic kid. He loves making new friends, chatting with his current ones, and planning fun times for all. Right now, Camdyn’s two major goals are to walk with minimal assistance and to work at NASA one day. He loves space and everything to do with it!

The 14-year-old lives with his mom in Surrey, which is a great hub for adapted activities and services. Camdyn is enrolled in wheelchair basketball, swimming, youth day camps, and drama in the fall. His mom works from home providing respite as well as teaching special needs children.

Variety has helped Camdyn for a number of years, funding physiotherapy and equipment that support him in managing his cerebral palsy.

Camdyn has come a long way. A few years ago he had two major hip surgeries and he has been building back his strength ever since. With Variety’s help he started using a walker again. He can stand with minimal assistance, do squats at physio, and can transfer himself from his wheelchair to other objects without much help. There have been too many milestones for Camdyn and his mom to count! He is making great strides and while his progress may seem small to some, to Camdyn these accomplishments are so important especially for his own self confidence.

“Variety has helped us many times. Camdyn has needed specialized equipment and therapy services to try to reach his goals and we have never been said no to. The process for applying is easy. The waiting for approval is always a bit nerve-wracking but staying positive helps. Every time it’s approved it is helping him, and making my life as a single mom easier. I couldn’t be more grateful. The grants always take pressure off and make it so he is able to expand his supports and work towards his end goal. I want people to realize that these kids can do the things that they are striving to do but sometimes they need a bit of help. Sometimes that help is equipment and sometimes it is therapy, but if they can have a little more support, they can come a long way.” – Andrea, Camdyn’s Mom

Keep up the great work Camdyn!

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