Meet Charlie, a rad 9-year-old from Port Coquitlam interested in anything to do with pop culture, music, reading, writing and drawing his own comics. Charlie is also fond of comedy and telling jokes; he even performed a stand-up comedy set in front of his school last Christmas! His mom says he has new favorite comedian every couple of months.

Charlie is hard of hearing and was born with bilateral hearing loss. He wears hearing aids full-time. The aids are also paired to an FM system at school, an additional adaptive listening system that helps him hear better in the classroom. Last year he required two new hearing aids as the ones he had were too weak to meet his needs.

Without amplification, Charlie is unable to hear conversational level speech clearly even if the speaker is close and there is no background noise. If the speaker is at a distance and when there is background noise, both of which would occur in an average classroom, most social setting and sports activities, Charlie would not be able to hear speech and many environmental sounds. Variety was able to step in and, thanks to our donors, fund Charlie’s new hearing aids.

Charlie has an army of incredible and caring individuals behind him that are huge part of his success as a hard of hearing child. Whether it’s the staff at his school, his audiologist, or the team of hearing resource teachers that put on several events a year for kids with hearing loss, Charlie has a community of support behind him every step of the way, and Variety is happy to be a part of that community!

“Charlie, Sienna (his sister and another recipient of Variety Club) and myself are all hard of hearing. It is very expensive to supply all of our ears and I am a single mom. It was a gift of hearing that we are deeply grateful for. There really are no words that can truly describe the relief that I have knowing my children have the aids that they need.” – Jami, Charlie’s Mom.
Picture of Charlie and his family

Back row from left to right: Benjamin, Jami, Mackenzie Front: Charlie and Sienna

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