Get to know Grant – a sociable 4-year-old who loves books, especially reading them with others. He enjoys playing with toy trucks and has a keen interest in construction sites. When he grows up, Grant wants to be a ferry boat captain!

Grant’s mom passed away a few years ago and he lives with his dad who works as an electrician in the construction industry. They reside in a community just outside of Victoria and access the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health for some occupational, physio and speech therapy for Grant. At 7 months old, Grant was involved in a near-drowning incident which resulted in a brain injury. He presents with some developmental delays and struggles with expressive language due to this injury.
Grant needed intervention at a crucial moment in his communication development and thanks to donations, Variety was able to fund his speech-language therapy. This intervention provides essential tools that Grant desperately needs at this point in his life. During the sessions, Grant uses a computer tablet that operates a specialized speech app to help him communicate.

Making Progress

As a non-verbal child with a cognitive disability, communication is challenging for Grant. Therapy enables him to communicate with his peers – his likes, dislikes, what he wants to play with, even how he is feeling. Being able to communicate with the other children has really been a catalyst for his inclusion, and means Grant is far less isolated and lonely than before.

“Sometimes in life, it comes down to timing. At only four years of age, Grant’s brain is growing and developing. His brain is most likely making new connections and pathways, working around the damaged sections. It is amazing the progress Grant has made with his speech therapist. In several short months, he has gone from being completely non-verbal to being able to pronounce very basic words and sounds.” – Grant’s Dad, Douglas

Communication development plays a critical role in learning and social and emotional development. Grant’s ability to communicate effectively will have lasting impacts on his ability to engage with the world around him. Grant has made significant progress, and thanks to the generosity of our donors he’ll continue to do so!

A note from Grant’s Dad

“I felt the need to tell our story, our journey. Our family has suffered a tremendous amount of loss a few years ago. I feel our family has a lot to be grateful for in regards to the generosity of friends and strangers alike. Honestly, the speech therapy provided through Variety is something I feel grateful we have received this year.

To the individuals who support Variety, I would like to personally thank you. As a single dad to a child with special needs, I am only able to work part-time. The numerous therapy and medical appointments for Grant just don’t allow me to take on full-time employment at the moment. The cost of speech therapy and speech software are merely financially out of reach for our family. Grant works very hard at his weekly speech therapy session – rest assured your donation is being put to good use!

I would also like to thank the staff and volunteers at Variety that help families like us. The financial help is an enormous help, but that’s not the whole picture. Having people who support us along the way has been very helpful to me personally. To know I am not going this alone is reassuring, staff have continued to support us throughout the year. Again, I certainly feel very grateful.” – Douglas, Grant’s Dad

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