11 year old Johannes has a rare form of hemophilia and can suffer from very severe and painful bleeds in his ankles and other joints, which means a wheelchair is often the only way he is able to get around. Because Johannes does not qualify for funding from the provincial At Home Program, he was using a second-hand wheelchair with brakes that didn’t work, missing cushions, and wheels that didn’t spin freely.

Thanks to a grant from Variety – The Children’s Charity, Johannes was able to get a much needed brand-new wheelchair, fitted and designed specifically with his needs in mind. And it’s not the first time Variety has been able to step in where healthcare ends for Johannes and his family.

“Variety has been a lifesaver for our family on more than one occasion,” says Johannes’s father Jamie. “When Johannes was eight months old he underwent a multi-layer laminectomy where they removed nine vertebrae to extract a large blood clot in his spine. Variety covered the cost of his brace and we never had to worry about how we would afford it.”

Now that Johannes finally has his new wheelchair, he can get around more safely and in comfort.


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