Landon is your average teenager who doesn’t let Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy keep him from playing video games and going to the mall with his friends. The diagnosis of this severe type of muscular dystrophy means he lost the ability to stand or walk at the age of 12 so he has to use a power wheelchair for mobility.

The chair promised more independence but since his Mom had no means of transporting it, the chair stayed at Landon’s school. Daily transfers from his manual chair to the car and then to the power chair were strenuous and put Landon at risk of being hurt. Variety stepped in with a Sunshine Family Van … a wheelchair accessible vehicle that significantly reduces the risk of harm or injury to Landon and his caregivers. Now he can take his power wheelchair anywhere and enjoy things most of us take for granted. Despite the adversity in his life, Landon continues to have a positive outlook.

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