His bright eyes and warm smile tell the world that he is ready for anything, and young Nate has proven time and again that he is a wonder.

Born premature with collapsed lungs and brain injury, Nathan defied the odds in his earliest days and hasn’t let a diagnosis of cerebral palsy bring him down.  A special seating system, orthotics, and therapies that Variety has helped provide for has meant that Nate can explore the wonders of the environment around him every day.

Recently, Nate has taken his first assisted steps! This is a milestone that celebrates his determination, as well as, the tireless commitment and dedication of his parents Stephen and Robyn.

“You really can’t imagine the pride that I felt, and still feel, for my son that day,” said Stephen.

Variety is proud to be a part of Nate’s journey and celebrate with him the milestones he achieves every day!

Update: Nathan is continuing to amaze everyone with his progress and determination. Check out this video of him walking!


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