Fifteen-year-old Wyatt lives in Kelowna and loves hunting, fishing and zooming around local trails on his ATV. He’s a former Air Cadet and has been involved in Scouts since the age of six.

All of Wyatt’s physical activities changed last April when he had an accident on his ATV.

Wyatt was airlifted to hospital in Vancouver where doctors performed surgery for over seven hours to repair his fractured ribs, shoulder blade and broken back.

The good news is that his spinal cord injuries aren’t necessarily permanent. Doctors have suggested that there’s a 50% chance Wyatt may walk again – and we want to help any way we can.

Throughout his lengthy rehabilitation, Wyatt is focused on gaining his independence and Variety is there by his side covering the cost of installing a wheelchair lift which ensures he can move in and out of his home with more freedom. Wyatt is also looking forward to a fully accessible bedroom constructed on the ground floor.

Although Wyatt has physical challenges, that’s no reason he can’t stay active!

He’s recently tried an adaptive paddle board, equipment Variety funds, and Wyatt has plans to participate in a few upcoming Scout camps.

The school year is in full swing for Wyatt, at home in Kelowna, and he can’t wait to share his new room with his friends.


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