Variety BC will now be funding private autism assessments!

  • Currently here in BC, families who have children with autism can wait as long as two years for an autism assessment through the public system

  • Without an autism assessment resulting in a diagnosis, families with children under the age of 6 are unable to access the $22,000 of government funding

  • Variety BC is stepping in to cover the cost of these therapies while families wait.

  • Early intervention is so important for kids with autism if they’re to have the best outcomes in life

  • We’re extremely excited to be able to transform the lives of even more of BC’s kids!

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Jade's Story

Pillar:  Medical Equipment Jade is a 10-year-old girl from Trail who was diagnosed with Permanent Cognitive Hearing Loss. Variety provides Jade with ongoing speech therapy to help with her expressive speech delay & communication development. As a result of her ongoing therapy sessions, Jade has made – and continues to …

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