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Variety Cares Community

With a dollar a day, you help kids every single day!

As members of the Variety Cares Community, you are making a firm commitment so kids can receive the ongoing support they require to succeed and are given the opportunity to grow into their best selves. Join us now to help BC’s kids by choosing the way that works best for you … Every bit helps!


provides a child with 2 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring


provides a child with 2 hours of specialized therapy


provides a child with 3 counselling sessions


for 3 years provides a child access to a $3,000 private assessment


secures a grant for one child (average grant = $2500)

Reasons to join the Variety Cares Community

Larger Charitable Impact

Your monthly donation is a steady, reliable source that enables Variety continuously to say “Yes!” to our BC’s kids. With your ongoing support, you can help kids grow, thrive, and be kids again!

Our Variety Cares Community makes a huge impact. Click here for out latest: Monthly Donor Gratitude Report


Once you sign up to give monthly, you can decide on your processing date either on the 1st, 14th or 28th of the month. You may adjust the donation amount, take a break or cancel your monthly giving at any time with a simple call, email or by clicking on “Adjust my Monthly Donation”.

Easy to Track for Income Tax Filing

At the beginning of each calendar year, you will receive a consolidated tax receipt with the total you have given in your monthly donations.


We’ll give you the opportunity to be recognized during our Variety Show of Hearts Telethon and Variety Week.

If you want to change your recognition name or remain anonymous, you can update us on your preference by clicking on “Adjust my Monthly Donation”.

Benefits (Exclusive for Members Only)

You’ll be the first to know when we release limited editions of Variety souvenirs. Giving $35/month or above will automatically be qualified to receive the souvenirs. We respect that some donors may prefer not to receive any incentives and you can let us know your preference by clicking on “Adjust my Monthly Donation”.

Stay in touch

You’ll receive exclusive updates on the impact of your gifts and personal invitations to enjoy our events. You can also let us know how you’d like to be contacted by simply giving us a call.

Update Your Giving Preferences

We understand that things change occasionally and that’s why we make it easy and convenient to adjust your monthly donation. You can increase it to help more kids, decrease, pause or cancel.

Simply call Kitty Au, Donor Relations Officer at 604.268.3885 or click below to adjust your monthly donation. Kitty will contact you to confirm that your wishes are met. 

Variety Cares Community Alert Newsletter

We love to stay connected with members of the Variety Cares Community. 

To strengthen that connection, we’ll keep you updated about our events and what we’re up to in our Variety Cares Community Alert. Most importantly, we’ll show you how your gifts are empowering our incredible Variety BC kids.

Messages From the Heart

We value the experience and feedback from all our Variety Cares Community members. The heartfelt messages not only inspire our Variety families but also our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff as well.

If you have a message or story you’d like to share, contact Kitty:

Meet Our Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already made a gift to Variety. Why should I sign up as a monthly donor?

First, we would like to thank you for your previous support. Contributing monthly helps to lower administration costs as you’ll receive one tax receipt at the beginning of each calendar year and it makes your bookkeeping easier when it comes to tax time. In addition, monthly donations provide a predictable source of income that Variety can depend on every month. It means that you enable us to make firm commitments to our Variety families so they can count on us to receive ongoing support.  Monthly giving is a great way to provide ongoing support to BC’s kids

Where does my monthly gift go?

Your monthly donation will support our areas of greatest need. Donations are directed to areas where they’ll be the most beneficial for the most children.

What if I want to change my monthly giving arrangement (bank account, credit card information or donation amount)?

Submit your request/inquiry to Kitty Au, Donor Relations Officer at 604-268-3885 or [email protected] or click here to adjust your monthly donation.

Is there an advantage in setting up my monthly gift from my bank account versus my credit card?

Yes … if you choose to make your monthly donation by automatic bank withdrawal, payments will be processed from your account monthly without having to worry about credit card expirations. Simply send us a blank cheque marked VOID and complete the pre-approved debit agreement on our donation form.

While both methods are great ways to support Variety BC, there are fewer administrative costs associated with automatic bank withdrawal.

Please contact Kitty Au at [email protected] for more information.

What if I wish to terminate my monthly gift?

You can alter or cancel your monthly giving arrangement at any time simply by contacting Kitty Au, Donor Relations Officer at 604.268.3885 or by going online to the Monthly Donation Adjustment form.

A Carefree Way to Support BC's Kids

  • Choose an amount that works for you
  • Decide the day of the month you’d like to donate (1st, 14th or 28th)
  • Pick and switch your payment method at anytime