Variety Schools Grants

Transform your school into a more inclusive and accessible space and Variety will match your fundraising efforts to bring the project to life!

Variety Schools Grant Program

Imagine a school yard where kids with special needs are empowered to exercise their curiosity and explore. Picture a classroom in which students with special education designations thrive as their unique educational needs are met. Schools across the province are transforming their spaces to make all of this possible and Variety BC is here to help.

Working with schools to make learning accessible and safe for every child, Variety is helping make learning more inclusive. Here are just a few of the upgrades participating schools have made as part of this program:

  • Sensory path throughout school hallways
  • Wheelchair accessible playground
  • Tactile outdoor water play area
  • Closed captioning technologies
  • Library books in braille

The application deadline for this program is now closed. Thank you for your interest in the Variety Schools Grant Program. Variety BC operates this program with the support of our generous donors and we are currently accepting intake for this program on an annual basis. We look forward to reviewing applications again in the fall of 2023!

If you have missed this year’s deadline and have a great idea for an inclusive upgrade at your school, please email [email protected] with your school name and project idea. Our program mangers would be happy to assist you in putting together a strong application for the next school year.

Accessibility and Safety for All

Variety BC is working with schools right here at home to make sure that learning is accessible and safe for everyone – so that kids from every background can achieve their full potential.

Due to the limited resources at the district and school levels, kids aren’t receiving the full support they need. That’s why Variety is stepping in … to help fill in the gap and alleviate the pressures that the education system is under.

That’s where Variety BC steps in.

Eligibility Requirements

The Variety Schools Grant Program is granting schools up to $10,000 per school, per school year, for inclusive and accessible upgrades.  To qualify for this program, schools must meet the following criteria:
  • Your project must promote inclusivity and support students with special needs. Variety BC funds specialized equipment for schools, and cannot provide funding for décor or furniture for school sensory spaces (such as paint, sofas, lighting, or plants). If you are unsure whether your request meets this criteria, please email [email protected] and we would be happy to review your inclusive project with you!

  • Your application must include your district or school’s audited financial statement(s), or your most recent bank statement(s) if you are a PAC member applying on behalf of a school.

  • Your school administration must approve of the project prior to receiving the grant.

  • Your application must include formal quote(s) from your chosen vendor(s) with the date of estimate and the total purchase amount (including all applicable taxes and shipping costs). Variety BC does not accept screenshots of online shopping carts or itemized wish-lists. Quotes from e-commerce, hypermarket, outlet and discount stores (i.e. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Facebook Marketplace, Dollarama) are not accepted. Please check our Preferred Vendors Guide for trusted equipment providers, or feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] for more recommendations!

  • Your application must be submitted in a PDF format. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files will not be reviewed. (If you are working off one of these programs, simply click File > Save As > PDF to convert your file.)

  • If approved, your grant funding must be used within the school year for which the application was submitted.

School Grant Application Process

We’re here to help schools transform into inclusive and accessible learning environments.

Please follow the instructions below carefully to apply for the Variety Schools Grant Program and begin your school transformation.


Choose your project

Choose your Inclusive Project by meeting with your PAC, Principal, and/or Special Education staff to identify and brainstorm ways to make learning more accessible for students with unique learning needs.


Get a quote

Get a quote from your chosen vendor. See our preferred vendors guide for ideas and resources.


Set a budget

Determine a budget and set a fundraising goal to reach 50% of the quoted cost. Variety will match your fundraising proceeds up a total of $10,000 per school, per school year.


Determine a timeline

Map out your fundraising plan and a timeline to implement your project by the end of the school year.



Download and application below and submit it to [email protected] before October 31, 2022 along with the required supporting documents.


Application Review

Please allow 2-3 weeks for Variety to review your application after the deadline closes.

Supporting Documents Checklist

To help you complete your school’s grant application, we’ve created a checklist of items you must include with your submission:

A list of your school’s parent advisory council members and roles.

Your most recent audited financial statement(s).

Quotes and/or your estimated expenses with preferred vendors and suppliers.

An outline of all planned fundraising projects for this school year.

A summary of your current funders and government grants for this school year.

Letters of reference. While this is optional, you may want to ask parents and/or special education staff to share their perspective about the need for this inclusive upgrade.

How it works

  • If your application for a Variety Schools Grant is successful, we’ll match the proceeds of your school’s fundraising efforts up to $10,000.

  • Variety BC will issue a single purchase order to your preferred vendor using your fundraising proceeds and the matched funding from Variety.

  • To complete this purchase order, your school is required to submit its fundraising proceeds to Variety.

School Grant Resources

Preferred Vendors Guide

Variety BC works with a number of trusted vendors to deliver quality equipment & services with efficiency!

PAC Handbook

Use this guide to facilitate conversations with other parents in your school community so that everyone understands your school’s unique needs.

Variety Schools Preferred Vendors

Get your quote here! Variety BC works with a number of trusted vendors to deliver quality equipment and services to your school with efficiency. When you choose one of our preferred vendors for your inclusive upgrade project, you can be assured that your project is in the hands of experts!

Preferred Vendors

Sensory Paths Canada

Sensory Path logo

Sensory paths are the next big thing in schools across Canada, providing children with a fun outlet to get moving and regulate behaviours, reinforce literacy, feel a sense of accomplishment, and reduce anxiety and stress. Sensory Paths Canada’s designs are big, bold, and full of colour! Choose a popular theme OR build your own custom path with your school colours and mascot! Graphics are printed on quality 3M materials and come with installation and maintenance instructions.

TFH Special Needs Toys

Sensory Path logo

Sensory is their speciality. Therapy Freedom Happiness (TFH Canada) provides products that enable the “Power of Play” through functional intervention, learning opportunities, and play for everyone! TFH believes that every person has the right to meaningful inclusion, providing sensory products that develop or reinforce skills, knowledge and behaviours (such as sensory toys, therapeutic products, and specialized multi sensory rooms for snoezelen-therapy).

Swingtime Distributors Ltd.

Swing Time Parks & Playgrounds logo

Providing quality park and playground equipment throughout BC since 1992, Swingtime Distributors builds accessible playgrounds using superior materials that stand up to enthusiastic play and extreme weather. Their goal is to create a multi-faceted, sensory-rich play space where communities and generations can connect where children regardless of ability or disability, age or stage, needs or preferences can enjoy outdoor play.

Download School or District Grant Application​

  • Download the Variety Schools Grant application form

    • For School Principals, Staff, and PACs: Upgrade your school with a $10,000 grant from Variety BC!
    • For Superintendents and District Specialists: Get funding to upgrade multiple schools across your district!

Contact Us

To learn more about the Variety Schools Grant Program, please contact Anna Polden by email or call her directly.

Want to fundraise for Variety and help more kids in your community?  Click on the School Fundraising button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application requirements for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Along with the application, schools must submit the following supporting documents: a quote from your vendor of choice, your PAC or school’s most recent financial statement(s), an outline of your school’s planned fundraisers for the year, a list of your school’s current funders and grants, and a fundraising plan for your proposed project. We also welcome schools to include letters from school staff and/or parents of students who will benefit most from your project!

What is the application process for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Please submit your application and all supporting documents by email to [email protected].

If your application is successful, Variety BC will require you to sign a Conditions and Recognition Agreement to “accept” the grant.

The Variety Schools Grant Program matches school fundraising to help bring your project to life. Once your school has reached its fundraising goal (50% of the total project cost or equivalent to the asked amount in matched funding from Variety BC), your school will be required to submit these funds by cheque to Variety BC. Please note that Variety BC pays only your chosen vendor, not the school directly. Once your cheque has been received, Variety BC will match your fundraising efforts dollar for dollar, and issue a single purchase order using the combined funds to the vendor.

If our school is already receiving government funding, are we still eligible to sign up for the Variety School Grants Program?

Yes! It can take a village to transform our communities into accessible and inclusive spaces for all. Variety BC is happy to support your school as a partial funder for larger projects which require multiple sources of support. Please disclose your current funders and grants in your application.

Is there warranty on the equipment funded by the Variety School Grants Program?

Variety BC works with several “preferred vendors” for the Variety Schools Grant Program, whom we have vetted as reliable sources of quality equipment and services. If you experience any issues with the quality of your equipment, please follow up with the vendor directly. You will be copied on the purchase order Variety BC sends to the vendor by e-mail when issuing your grant.

Will our school or supporters receive a tax receipt?

  • Schools will receive an unofficial tax receipt by mail acknowledging your donation to Variety BC.
  • Parents and supporters who require an official tax receipt can receive one from Variety BC.
  • For those who donate directly to your school’s online fundraising page set up by Variety BC, a tax receipt will be issued immediately by e-mail.
  • For those who prefer to donate offline, a personal cheque can be made payable to Variety – the Children’s Charity and mailed to 4300 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6.
  • Please ensure your school’s name is written in the cheque memo. We’ll add donations made by personal cheque to your school’s fundraising total, and a tax receipt will be mailed to the individual donor.