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Ways To Give

Can I set up a recurring tribute gift (e.g. monthly, yearly)?

Yes! Setting up a recurring gift enables Variety BC to respond quickly when a critical need is brought to our attention. If you would like to make a monthly or recurring gift, please visit the Monthly Giving page on our website for more information.

What other types of gifts can I leave to Variety?

By choosing to leave a gift of assets other than cash, you could save capital gains and estate taxes, and therefore make a bigger impact than you previously thought possible. Examples of other types of gifts you can leave are stocks and securities, life insurance, RRSPs or RRIFs, Annuities and more. For more information email [email protected].

What if I wish to terminate my monthly gift?

You can alter or cancel your monthly giving arrangement at any time simply by contacting Kitty Au, Donor Relations Officer at 604.268.3885 or by going online to the Monthly Donation Adjustment form.

I have already made a gift to Variety. Why should I sign up as a monthly donor?

First, we would like to thank you for your previous support. Contributing monthly helps to lower administration costs as you’ll receive one tax receipt at the beginning of each calendar year and it makes your bookkeeping easier when it comes to tax time. In addition, monthly donations provide a predictable source of income that Variety can depend on every month. It means that you enable us to make firm commitments to our Variety families so they can count on us to receive ongoing support.  Monthly giving is a great way to provide ongoing support to BC’s kids

Apply For Support

How much can I ask for?

Variety’s funding is always based on what funds are available. We will consider one application per year, per child and must be completed within one Variety fiscal year. Your priorities must be listed on the application for Variety’s consideration.
Limits also include:
– Therapies: Maximum $2,500 per year for one and $4,000 total for two.
– Tutoring: Maximum $1,500 per year; Tuition: Maximum $4,000 per year (reviewed only from August to October)
– Compliance with our policies and guidelines does not guarantee funding of any application.

What can I apply for?

Our current grant priority areas are:

  • Adaptive & Mobility Equipment (e.g. Power and manual wheel chairs, adaptive trikes, hearing aids, standing walkers, custom orthotics, van conversions)
  • Mental Wellness Counselling
  • Specialized Therapies (e.g. Speech & language, occupational, physical, music, equine & counselling)
  • Tuition & Tutoring Bursaries for Learning Disabilities
  • Private Autism (age 4 and under)
  • Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Type 1 Diabetes support

Who can apply for a child grant?

Only families whose child meets all of the following criteria can be considered for an individual grant:
– Children from birth to their 19th birthday. (Note: for autism assessment, the child seeking help must be 4 years or under.)
– A child must be a B.C. resident with a valid Personal Health Number (PHN) or Yukon resident with a valid Health Care Card
– Qualified special need (medical and/or developmental) as confirmed by a designated health care professional. (This does not apply to private autism and psychoeducational assessments or mental wellness requests)
– Financial circumstance that limits the ability to afford the item or service required. (We are currently able to consider requests from households with an annual income of up to $85,000).

How does Variety help?

Variety steps in where health care ends aiming to fill the gaps which are not covered by government programs, health care or private health plans. Variety relies solely on the generosity of individuals, corporate sponsors and organizations to fund our child grants. Grants are designed to be flexible to allow you to apply for the items that best meet your child’s needs. As every child is unique, so is every application and each is reviewed on an individual basis. Sometimes, Variety tops up funding where another agency cannot fund the entire cost. An example would be a partial contribution towards vehicle modifications.

What can’t I apply for?

No medicines/prescriptions, eye glasses or dental

  1. Services or equipment not directly related to a child’s special/extra needs and which are not deemed medically/developmentally necessary
  2. Alternative or naturopathic treatments or those not provided in person including neuroplasticity or computer stimulationAny program/service or equipment that can be or is paid wholly by government (including Autism, At Home,
  3. Early Intervention, Health Region, First Nations Health, BC Family Residence Program. Top up considered
  4. Behavioral Intervention/Consultation
  5. Funding for any services related to Autism for children under six years old who receive over $22,000 per year in government funding. Except for music therapy will be considered for under six year olds with Autism funding.
  6. Childcare, respite or related programs/services
  7. Warranties, insurance, maintenance, service agreements, batteries, repairs
  8. Administrative fees or operational costs
  9. Vehicles – except: Sunshine Family Van program and van conversions (including van ramp and tie downs) to a maximum of $7,500
  10. Medical services plans, premiums, deductibles – except for type 1 diabetic supplies.
  11. Electronic devices, including Apps or software
  12. Travel costs including: time, gas, mileage, truck or car rentals, parking or insurance
  13. Sports equipment that is non-adaptive or does not support special needs
  14. Non-B.C. residents
  15. Reports, consultations, assessments – except autism/psychoeducational assessments
  16. Autism assessments for child age 5 and over
  17. More than one autism/psychoeducational assessment per child
  18. Expenses that have already been initiated or have already occurred prior to submission or written approval
  19. Incomplete application forms
  20. Those without specific certification or professional credentials to deliver services to clients or the use of assistants
  21. Children or Youth over 19 years old
  22. A child without a personal health number (Care card)
  23. More than two request in one Variety fiscal year over $4000 total
  24. Children under five who qualify for early intervention or services through a Child Development Centre (CDC) or Health Authority (HA). (Top up considered)
  25. Equipment from non-Canadian distributors that cannot be invoiced directly from Variety or services outside Canada

Get Involved

Why should we partner up with Variety?

A Variety corporate partnership provides much needed funding to support families who are caring for a child with disabilities and complex health needs while increasing customer loyalty, employee engagement and community awareness. It is a way to connect with your customers, demonstrate your values, address your marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives and increase brand awareness. It’s also an amazing way to inspire and engage your employees.

How can our business/organization get involved with Variety?

You can easily become a corporate donor with a campaign or event sponsorship, partial proceeds program, round-up in-store campaign, hosting a fundraising event and employee giving campaigns. We are happy to work with you to create meangingful fundraising opportunities that align with your corporate image. For more information, please visit our Get Involved page.

What resources are available for me to host my own fundraising event in support of Variety BC?

We are happy to help inspire and bring your event to life! Variety BC can provide you with information and materials that help you share with your guests the important difference they are making for kids in BC by supporting you. To make it even easier for your supporters to donate to your fundraiser, we can help you create an online fundraising page with your very own photos and messaging! This is a great way to share your story on why you are choosing to support Variety – the Children’s Charity BC. While we cannot guarantee the availability of equipment for your event, we do our very best to support you in whichever way we can! Please email Angela at [email protected] with an idea of the resources you may need to make your fundraising event a success.

Philanthropy Services

How to change my address?

Please email [email protected] your old address and your new address.  We will be sure to make the change on your account.  Thank you for supporting Variety BC!

I just made a donation online through the website using my credit card and see a pending charge. How do I know if the charge fully cleared?

If you make a donation online, you will get an email shortly after (also check your email’s Junk Folder) with a link to download your tax receipt and print at home (look for this line on your received email ” Click here to download your pdf tax receipt: eReceipt).

On your online Credit Card Statement, you may see “BB* Pending and Mississauga ON” or something similar. This is our Blackbaud Payment Processor and once your bank finalizes your payment you may see Variety BC 604 320 0505 on your actual credit card statement.  If you have any questions, contact Donor Services.

How can I advise that someone in my household who was a donor to Variety BC has passed away ?

Please call us during office hours at 604-320-0505 and press 2 or email [email protected] with the following information: Current information

Name of Deceased
Last Mailing Address
Email address/phone number
Name and Relationship of Deceased (including mailing address if they were a monthly donor to have final tax receipt sent to)

Sunshine Coach

How do I get recognized on a Sunshine Coach?

When you give a gift of $1,047 or more to Variety BC, we’ll give you the opportunity to to have the name of your choice on a Sunshine Coach.

For more information, please contact Angela Smith at 604.268.3890 or [email protected].

Who is eligible to apply for a Sunshine Coach?

Non-profit organization or society registered in BC, with audited financial statements, and federally registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency are eligible to apply. Please note that the vehicle must be used for children, 25% of which should be children with special needs (low income and mental health are also eligible needs).

How does the Sunshine Coach program work?

Variety Sunshine Coach Program is a 50-50 cost sharing program, and once granted, the vehicle is owned and operated by the organization.

When can we apply for a Sunshine Coach?

Variety opens the Sunshine Coach Application with 2 yearly submission deadlines, one in April and another one in September.

Variety Schools

Can Variety BC visit our school?


Variety BC offers free classroom workshops and school assemblies to help inspire & motivate students, and help you with action planning so that your school can make a big difference in the lives of kids right here at home! Email Anna Polden at [email protected] to inquire on opportunities to bring Variety BC to your school or visit the Variety Schools Fundraising Program page on our website to see when we’ll be touring through your neighbourhood next!

When can our school apply for the Variety School Grants Program?

Please refer to the Variety Schools Grant Program page on our website for the current application deadline. All applications are reviewed after the deadline has closed.

What is the application process for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Apply online by the deadline listed on our website. Variety reviews all applications within 4-6 weeks after the deadline closes. If your application is successful, Variety BC will e-mail you an official approval letter and require you to sign a Conditions and Recognition Agreement to accept the grant.

The Variety Schools Grant Program matches school fundraising to help bring your inclusive project to life. Once your school has reached its fundraising goal (50% of the total project cost), your school will be required to submit these funds by cheque to Variety BC. Please note that Variety BC pays only your chosen vendor, not the school directly. Once your cheque has been received, Variety BC will match your fundraising efforts dollar for dollar, and issue a single purchase order using the combined funds to the vendor.

Variety works with your vendor(s) directly to be invoiced directly for all equipment funded by this program. You will be required to submit the contact information for your vendor(s) with your application.

What are the application requirements for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Along with the application, schools must submit the following supporting documents: quote(s) from your vendors of choice and a fundraising plan including an outline of your school’s planned fundraisers for the year and a list of your school’s current funders and grants. We also welcome letters from school staff and/or parents of students who will benefit most from your project!

Please note that Variety BC only accepts quotes from Canadian vendors, and does not fund items from hypermarket, e-commerce, discount or outlet stores.