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Help strong moms feel even stronger.

Variety parents need us more than ever. You can help.
Mary and daughter Ainsley, 11

Caring for a child with complex health needs takes extraordinary strength. It demands sacrifice, perseverance, and relentless optimism to overcome the challenges at every turn. It can regularly feel overwhelming.

Variety Moms are symbols of this strength. They are providers, caretakers, and problem-solvers. Their role feels limitless but so are the rewards. However, they can’t do it all.

This is where Variety donors step in – to help strong moms feel even stronger.

Baljit found support and community in Variety

New to Canada, Baljit was focused on building a new life with her young son Hargun and her husband. However, Hargun suffered bone marrow failure and hearing loss leaving their little family alone and overwhelmed. Then they found Variety.

Grants to support BC kids

Whether you represent a family in need, a school interested in developing more inclusive spaces, or an organization that requires safer transportation for the kids you serve, we can help.

Ways to give

Every contribution matters. Your gift will provide direct support to children in need today.

How you give is up to you and we’re excited to collaborate with you to make a life-changing impact.

Our Impact

Last year we impacted over 21,000 children in over 240 BC communities. With you, we can reach even more.

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Mother and Daughter hugging and smiling outside at a park

Donors show Mary that her daughter deserves what all kids do: the chance to thrive.

New to Canada, Baljit found support and community in Variety.

mom and three sons sitting on playground equipment, hugging

With you, strong moms like Candace can feel even stronger.

Words From The Families

“Kaitlyn is the happiest I’ve seen her and it’s all thanks to the generosity of Variety’s donors.”
- Jimmy, Kaitlyn’s Dad
“It’s all about Emerson’s quality of life … and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with the activity chair as it alleviates the physical demands of lifting her around.”
- Gina, Emerson’s Mom
“Our goal as parents is for Jonathan to be healthy, happy and to become as independent as possible while giving back to the community. The support of Variety has made such a tremendous difference in our very special little boy’s life and helps so many other families like ours.”
- Darlene, Jonathan’s Mom