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Variety Schools

How can our school apply for a Variety Schools grant?

Download an application from the Variety Schools Grant Program page on our website. You’ll find buttons there to apply on behalf of an individual school or on behalf of a school district. Completed applications with the required supporting documents can be emailed to [email protected].  You can find more information here Variety Schools Grants.

What are the application requirements for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Along with the application, schools must submit the following supporting documents: quote(s) from your vendors of choice and a fundraising plan including an outline of your school’s planned fundraisers for the year and a list of your school’s current funders and grants. We also welcome letters from school staff and/or parents of students who will benefit most from your project!

Please note that Variety BC only accepts quotes from Canadian vendors, and does not fund items from hypermarket, e-commerce, discount or outlet stores.

What kind of projects or school upgrades are eligible for a Variety Schools grant?

Your project must promote inclusivity and support students with unique learning needs. We recommend reaching out to your special education staff to determine the greatest need at your school. Please ensure your school administration has approved of your project prior to applying for a grant.

What is the application process for the Variety Schools Grant Program?

Apply online by the deadline listed on our website. Variety reviews all applications within 4-6 weeks after the deadline closes. If your application is successful, Variety BC will e-mail you an official approval letter and require you to sign a Conditions and Recognition Agreement to accept the grant.

The Variety Schools Grant Program matches school fundraising to help bring your inclusive project to life. Once your school has reached its fundraising goal (50% of the total project cost), your school will be required to submit these funds by cheque to Variety BC. Please note that Variety BC pays only your chosen vendor, not the school directly. Once your cheque has been received, Variety BC will match your fundraising efforts dollar for dollar, and issue a single purchase order using the combined funds to the vendor.

Variety works with your vendor(s) directly to be invoiced directly for all equipment funded by this program. You will be required to submit the contact information for your vendor(s) with your application.

If our school is already receiving government funding, are we still eligible to sign up for the Variety School Grants Program?

Yes! It can take a village to transform our communities into accessible and inclusive spaces for all. Variety BC is happy to support your school as a partial funder for larger projects which require multiple sources of support. Please disclose your current funders and grants in your application.

Is there warranty on the equipment funded by the Variety School Grants Program?

Variety BC works with several preferred vendors for the Variety Schools Grant Program whom we have vetted as reliable sources of quality equipment and services. If you experience any issues with the quality of equipment from any of your chosen vendors, please follow up with them directly. You will be copied on the purchase order Variety BC sends to the vendor by e-mail when issuing your grant. Schools are responsible for liaising directly with their vendors regarding delivery and installation logistics, and for delayed or damaged items.

When can our school apply for the Variety School Grants Program?

Please refer to the Variety Schools Grant Program page on our website for the current application deadline. All applications are reviewed after the deadline has closed.

Will our school or supporters receive a tax receipt?

  • Schools will receive an unofficial tax receipt by mail acknowledging your donation to Variety BC.
  • Parents and supporters who require an official tax receipt can receive one from Variety BC:
    • For those who donate directly to your school’s online fundraising page set up by Variety BC, a tax receipt will be issued immediately by e-mail.
    • For those who prefer to donate offline, a personal cheque can be made payable to Variety – the Children’s Charity and mailed to 4300 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6. Please ensure your school’s name is written in the cheque memo. We’ll add donations made by personal cheque to your school’s fundraising total, and a tax receipt will be mailed to the individual donor.

How do we set up our school’s online take action web page?

Variety BC is pleased to offer schools their very own online take action page where you can share updates and photos with your school community about what you’re learning and how your students are taking action! You will also find tools to help you get those first few donations, update your community on your progress, share photos and video, and where friends and family can donate directly to your cause! Visit the Variety Schools Fundraising Program page on our website to get started. If you need support setting up your page, please contact Anna Polden at [email protected].

Where can I find more tools and resources to help organize my school fundraiser?

Variety BC has developed a FREE Fundraising Toolkit specifically for schools! Let us do some of the heavy lifting with pre-built fundraising campaigns, thoughtful conversation starters and reflection prompts for students, and action planning worksheets that can help take your event to the next level. Visit the Variety Schools Fundraising Program page on our website to download your toolkit today! If you have a great idea for the toolkit that you feel is missing, please feel free to reach out to Anna Polden at [email protected]. We’re always thrilled to collaborate with students and teachers, and are here to work with you to build a stronger school community across the province!