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A former Variety grant recipient gives back to help children of the future

Edward was born with congenital hydrocephalus – a rare condition where excess cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain. In the early 80’s when he received the surgery to correct this condition, his family was able to access help from Variety – the Children’s Charity. Edward is now thankful to be in a position to join the Variety Cares Community so he can give back with a monthly contribution. He hereby shares his story and wants to show his personal gratitude to those who have helped him and so many other kids in BC.

What inspired Edward to join the Variety Cares Community – the monthly giving program?

“I’ve never forgotten that it was generous donors that helped me when I was a child and I promised myself from a young age that once I was able, I would do all I could to give back to other kids in need. My original dream was to become a pediatrician … unfortunately that never came to fruition; but I strongly believe that I’ve kept this promise to myself by donating monthly to Variety BC. Now in my own small way, I’m living out my dream because I’m helping other Variety kids.”

– Edward Lee, VCC Member since 2016 

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