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Mother and son with Autism

Meet Variety Week Donor Stephanie

Stephanie chose to become a monthly donor this Variety Week because she has first-hand experience of how Variety’s support can impact a child like her 4-year-old son, Kendrick. Kendrick had been waiting too long for a public autism assessment due to the high demand in their community. When Stephanie heard Variety began funding private assessments, she applied and got approved in May 2022. The diagnosis was a game changer for Kendrick because he now can receive government funding to access the therapies he desperately needs. Stephanie is especially grateful for Variety’s Monthly Giving Program because the steady, reliable funding from this program means Variety can respond quickly when a critical need is brought to their attention.

“Variety helped me when I needed funding for my son’s autism assessment. I was so grateful when the application was approved and it’s already made a big difference to my child. Now I want to give back monthly by joining the Variety Cares Community so that my gifts can help other parents and children too!”

Stephanie Kouakou, VCC member since 2022

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