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Join our Variety Cares Community and make a difference in the lives of BC’s kids every single day. Your monthly contribution means kids like Alice, who will need ongoing support as she grows and develops, will never see a break in funding. Click Alice’s photo below to find out how support from our Variety Cares Community helped change Alice’s life.

“We didn’t have the money to afford the expensive treatments Alice needed so desperately and they weren’t covered by Provincial health care. We knew she had so much potential that we just had to do something – but where to turn? Then someone told us about Variety.”

— Roxanne, Alice’s Mom 

How Does it Work?

How does it work?

By joining the Variety Cares Community, you become part of a powerful group of individuals who contribute monthly to provide kids the long-lasting support they need every single day. Because of your firm commitment, kids like:

  • Carter can learn to say “Thank You” and more with the help of consistent speech & language therapy sessions. Variety also supports kids with other specialized therapies which include: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, hydro therapy and equine therapy
  • Emma is able to receive counselling to help improve her mental wellness.
  • Jonathan is able to receive one-on-one tutoring and extra educational support to assist with his math and reading skills. Bursaries are also granted so kids can attend a specialized school and learn in a way that works for them.
  • Luke’s family received a Sunshine Family Van so they can safely transport him to his medical appointments. Variety also grants specialized mobility equipment so kids can move with freedom.
  • Sienna can now hear her friends and family with the help of hearing aids. Variety provides kids and families with specialized medical equipment to help them at home and in their community.

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Effectiveness of Your Gifts

With a dollar a day, you help kids every single day!

For a dollar a day, you can ensure BC’s kids with special needs receive the support they need every single day. As members of the Variety Cares Community, you are making a firm commitment so kids can receive the ongoing support they require to succeed and are given the opportunity to grow into their best selves.

How does my monthly donation impact a child?

The most effective way to give

Your monthly gift is a steady, reliable source of support that enables us to reach our goal of transforming even more kids lives – like Kara, Carter, Jonathan, Luke, Emma and Sienna – to grow, thrive and most importantly … be kids again!

  • Flexible & Convenient:  Your first monthly gift will be processed on the 1st, 14th or 28th of the month depending on your preference. Once you’ve signed up, your donation will automatically process until you advise us otherwise. You can increase, decrease, pause or cancel your donation at any time simply with a call or email.
  • Larger Charitable Impact:  Giving smaller monthly gifts of $5, $10 or any amount you choose, combined with the support of others will help provide consistent funding for families across British Columbia who have kids with special needs.
  • Easy to Track:  You will receive one consolidated tax receipt in January of every year.

Other Exclusive Benefits

  • Recognition opportunities during Variety Show of Hearts Telethon and Variety Week.
  • Timely opportunities to receive limited editions of Variety souvenirs.
  • Receive exclusive updates on the impact of your gifts and personal invitations to experience our work first hand.


To strengthen our connection with you and other like-minded members of the Variety Cares Community, we will keep you updated with our latest news via the newsletter – the Variety Cares Community Alert. You can find the impact of your gifts from the recent issues below:

Variety Cares Community Alert – 2022-winter

Variety Cares Community Alert – 2022 Spring

Messages from the Heart

Many thanks to our Variety Cares Community Members. Their heartfelt messages not only inspire our Variety families but our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff as well.

Click their names below to read their stories:

If you have a message or story you’d like to share, please email Kitty.



I have already made a gift to Variety. Why should I sign up as a monthly donor?

First we would like to thank you for your previous support. Contributing monthly helps to lower administration costs as you’ll receive one tax receipt every January and it makes your bookkeeping easier when it comes to tax time. In addition, monthly donations provide a predictable source of income that Variety can depend on every month. It means that you enable us to make firm commitments to our Variety families so they can count on us to receive ongoing support. Monthly giving is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of supporting Variety.

Where does my gift go?

Your monthly donation will support Variety’s five pillars of funding: mobility, medical equipment and supplies, specialized therapy, education and mental wellness. Your donations are always directed to areas where they’ll do the most good for the most children.

What if I want to change my monthly giving arrangement (bank account, credit card information or donation amount)?

Contact Kitty Au, Donor Relations Officer at 604-268-3885 or toll-free at 1-800-381-2040; or your request.

Is there an advantage in setting up my monthly gift from my bank account versus my credit card?

Yes … if you choose to make your monthly donation by automatic bank withdrawal, payments will be processed from your account monthly without having to worry about credit card expirations. Simply send us a blank cheque marked VOID and complete the pre-approved debit agreement on our donation form. While both methods are great ways to support Variety BC, there are fewer administrative costs associated with automatic bank withdrawal.

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To find out more, please contact Kitty Au at 604-268-3885 or by email.