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Sunshine Coach

When can we apply for a Sunshine Coach?

Variety opens the Sunshine Coach Application with 2 yearly submission deadlines, one in April and another one in September.

How does the Sunshine Coach program work?

Variety Sunshine Coach Program is a 50-50 cost sharing program, and once granted, the vehicle is owned and operated by the organization.

Who is eligible to apply for a Sunshine Coach?

Non-profit organization or society registered in BC, with audited financial statements, and federally registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency are eligible to apply. Please note that the vehicle must be used for children, 25% of which should be children with special needs (low income and mental health are also eligible needs).

How many seats are available for the coach?

We have a 7 seater, 15 seater and 24 seater coaches.

Is the vehicle wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Sunshine Coaches can be wheelchair accessible, and it is optional. However, for each wheelchair, 4 seats have to be removed.

Does Variety rent out Sunshine Coaches?

No, since the coaches are owned by organizations, it would be up to the individual organizations if they are willing to rent it out.

Any warranty on the coaches, and any maintenance provided?

Each vehicle is covered by a standard manufacturer warranty. However, maintenance is the responsibility of the recipient organization.

Can an organization apply for more than one Sunshine Coach?

Yes, an organization can apply for more than one Sunshine Coach.

How does an organization apply for a Sunshine Coach?

To apply for a Sunshine Coach, please follow these steps:

1) Review Eligibility Requirements and the Terms and Conditions.
2) Review Driving Policy and Guidelines.
3) Download an Application.
4) Fill out the Application Form and provide supporting documents.
5) Variety will review your application.
6) Variety Board will review your application.
7) If you have been awarded a Sunshine Coach Grant
8) Annual Evaluation Forms.

For more information, please visit our Sunshine Coach page.

How do I get recognized on a Sunshine Coach?

When you give a gift of $1,047 or more to Variety BC, we’ll give you the opportunity to to have the name of your choice on a Sunshine Coach.

For more information, please contact Angela Smith at 604.268.3890 or [email protected].