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What can’t I apply for?

No medicines/prescriptions, eye glasses or dental
1. Services or equipment not directly related to a child’s special/extra needs and which are not deemed medically/developmentally necessary
2. Alternative or naturopathic treatments or those not provided in person including neuroplasticity or computer stimulation
3. Any program/service or equipment that can be or is paid wholly by government (including Autism, At Home, Early Intervention, Health Region, First Nations Health, BC Family Residence Program. Top up considered
4. Behavioral Intervention/Consultation
5. Funding for any services related to Autism for children under six years old who receive over $22,000 per year in government funding. Except for music therapy will be considered for under six year olds with Autism funding.
6. Childcare, respite or related programs/services
7. Warranties, insurance, maintenance, service agreements, batteries, repairs
8. Administrative fees or operational costs
9. Vehicles – except: Sunshine Family Van program and van conversions (including van ramp and tie downs) to a maximum of $7,500
10. Medical services plans, premiums, deductibles – except for type 1 diabetic supplies.
11. Apps or software for technology
12. Travel costs including: time, gas, mileage, truck or car rentals, parking or insurance
13. Sports equipment that is non-adaptive or does not support special needs
14. Non-B.C. residents
15. Reports, consultations, assessments – except autism/psychoeducational assessments
16. More than one autism/psychoeducational assessment per child
17. Expenses that have already been initiated or have already occurred prior to submission or written approval
18. Incomplete application forms
19. Those without specific certification or professional credentials to deliver services to clients or the use of assistants
20. Children or Youth over 19 years old
21. A child without a personal health number (Care card)
22. More than two request in one Variety fiscal year over $4000 total
23. Children under five who qualify for early intervention or services through a Child Development Centre (CDC) or Health Authority (HA). (Top up considered)
24. Equipment from non-Canadian distributors that cannot be invoiced directly from Variety or services outside Canada