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mom and three sons sitting on playground equipment, hugging

With you, strong moms like Candace can feel even stronger.

Caring for a child with complex health care needs requires extraordinary strength, sacrifice, perseverance, and relentless optimism to overcome challenges at every turn. It can often feel overwhelming both emotionally and financially.

Variety Moms embody this strength as providers, caretakers, and problem-solvers.

Meet Candace. Up until recently, life with her three boys – Jaydon, Jaxon and Jordan was incredibly challenging. Both Jaydon and Jordan struggled to communicate verbally, making it difficult for Candace to understand them and for the boys to make friends. School was particularly stressful as teachers found it challenging to address their needs. Candace and her husband felt overwhelmed and stuck.

However, with her kids’ future at stake Candace had to find the strength to move forward.

Variety stepped in to give her the tangible hope she needed and funded private autism assessments, leading to the diagnosis of autism for two of the boys – Jaydon and Jordan. These diagnoses opened the door to a new world of support, including transformative speech therapy and additional assistance at school.

Family with three sons sitting on a park bench.

Thanks to this additional support her boys are thriving and are even developing into caring and nurturing individuals themselves.

Accessing Variety funding is life-changing, and has transformed Candace’s family’s lives, “I’d like to thank all the Variety donors from the bottom of our hearts. They have made all of this possible for our family and the families of so many others. Again, thank you so much.” Variety Moms continually feel stretched, many feeling alone while dealing with challenges they couldn’t prepare for. However, they all inspire us with their unwavering commitment to their kids. Candace has three very active boys but she is strong and with Variety, she feels even stronger.

You can honour moms like Candace with a gift today. Any donation amount will make a direct impact and help other children, like Jordan and Jaydon, unlock new potential. Donate here.