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New to Canada, Baljit found support and community in Variety.

In 2019, Baljit moved to Surrey from her home in India. She arrived alone, ahead of her husband and child Hargun, so she could help establish a home for them to travel to.

Baljit knew the stakes were high. She had limited time and her family’s needs were significant as Hargun had a rare genetic disorder, which results in hearing loss, health issues, global developmental delays, risk of severe infections and more. Baljit needed a safe place with access to support but she wasn’t sure where to start.

In 2020, Hargun and her husband arrived at their new home. Unfortunately, that reunion was brief before Hargun suffered from bone marrow failure and increased hearing loss. Baljit moved through the challenges to get the best care she could find and quickly discovered that some of the support needed came with a cost.

“The hearing aid equipment was very costly at the time even though the doctors assessed and recommended it,” says Baljit.  “The medications were also very expensive, based on taking them on a daily basis.”

Determined to provide for her son, Baljit searched online for any support avenues she could find. She came across Variety on a government website and her and Hargun’s life changed.

“I contacted Variety, and they guided me through the application. And from that time on, I was connected to their group,” says Baljit. “They provided Hargun with a local speech and language therapist. And he is doing very good. This is only possible with the help of a Variety and their donors.”

New to the country and with minimal resources, Baljit sees Variety as more than a service-provider. We are an integral part of her community and a source of strength.

“I always attend the events hosted by Variety because Variety helped me in difficult times when I was alone here in Canada. And in difficult times, they stand with me and provide help for my child,” says Baljit. “So now, Variety is my family. Due to low resources, the help of Variety is very important, they play a vital role in our lives.”

We’re incredibly proud to be there for Baljit and her small family during tough times and times of celebration. Her strength radiates and we love to hear that she feels the impact of our community and how it helps her feel even stronger.

Today, Baljit is a mother of two, Hargun who is 7 and Himmat who is 2, and a busy student! She’s hoping to start her own business once her education is finished to help better provide for her family.