We are pleased to announce that in addition to their core grant areas of mobility equipment, lifesaving medical supplies, specialized therapies, mental wellness counselling and educational programs, Variety will now be funding private autism assessments.

Only families whose child meets all of the following criteria can be considered for an individual Autism Assessment grant:

  • Children from birth to their 19th birthday
  • A child must be a B.C. resident with a valid Personal Health Number (PHN) or Yukon resident with a valid Health Care Card.\
  • A Child with a referral letter for an autism assessment, from a designated health care professional (e.g. Family Doctor, Pediatrician or Speech & Language Therapist).
  • Financial circumstance that limits the ability to afford the item or service required (Variety is currently able to consider requests from households with an annual income of up to $85,000). – We will need your 2019 or 2020 Notice of Assessment as proof of income.






How long is the grant application review time?
Please note that due to the volume of applications received, our current reviewing/processing time is approximately 12 weeks for applications received complete with all necessary supporting documents.

My autism assessment will be in less than a month, can I request special consideration?
We will try our best to expedite your grant request to meet the appointment date. Please make sure to note your appointment date on all communication and follow up to ensure we received your application with all requested documentation.

How will I be informed of the outcome of my grant request?
Families will be notified via email of the outcome of their request.

Do I need to have an autism assessment appointment before applying for a grant?
You do not need to have a confirmed appointment booked before applying. But you will have to select the clinic/professional and obtain a quote for the autism assessment before you apply for a grant. A grant is approved for a specific professional who then invoice Variety directly for services provided.

My child already had an autism assessment (not from Variety) but did not meet the diagnosis criteria at that time, will Variety cover another autism assessment?
Yes, Variety will consider one autism assessment grant request per child, who meets our grant eligibility criteria.

My child recently had a private autism assessment. Can I apply for a grant to be reimbursed?
Regrettably, as per our guidelines Variety is not able to pay for expenses that have already been initiated or have already occurred prior to submission or written approval. We are also not able to reimburse families, as we pay the vendors directly. So, Variety will not be able to help those families who already had an autism assessment and who already paid the full cost. However, we will be able to consider a request for the unpaid balance, if your child is still in the process of being assessed. Please note on your application form if you are already in the process of an autism assessment.

Will Variety fund Psychoeducational assessments?
As autism assessments are a new funding area we are still evaluating the impact on our donor dollars.
As such, we are unable to assist with Psychoeducational assessments requests. We do encourage families to visit our website for any updates to our granting priorities.