Variety BC  Funding Autism Assessments

Variety – the Children’s Charity is pleased to announce that in addition to their core grant areas of mobility equipment, lifesaving medical supplies, specialized therapies, mental wellness counselling and educational programs, they will now be funding private autism assessments.

Currently here in BC, families who have children with autism can wait as long as two years for an autism assessment through the public system. Without an autism assessment resulting in a diagnosis, families with children under the age of 6 are unable to access the $22,000 of government funding to support therapies. In many cases, Variety BC is stepping in to cover the cost of these therapies while families wait.

“Early intervention is so important for kids with autism if they’re to have the best outcomes in life,” said Cally Wesson, Variety BC CEO. “With the lengthy waits in the public system, children are failing through the cracks and families aren’t getting the support or funding they need so we’re extremely excited to be able to transform the lives of even more of BC’s kids.”

Variety BC plans to begin funding private assessments effective immediately. To apply, CLICK HERE