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From bottle drives to bake sales, teaming up with Variety BC is easy! We’re here to support you with your community fundraiser.

Set Up Your Own Fundraiser in Support of Variety BC

We’re always impressed by the unique and imaginative events our supporters think up. We welcome and support your efforts to raise money to help kids with special needs in BC. For over 50 years, residents in BC have been giving back to their communities by organizing events like these to support Variety BC:

Pub nights, dance-a-thons, skate-a-thons

Races, marathons, scavenger hunts

golf tournaments, dart games, bowling, any sporting game

Casino nights, fashion shows

Car washes, bottle drives

And many other creative and unique events!

Are you a service club or community organization that raises money to support local charities? Royal Canadian Legions, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs all over BC are loyal supporters of Variety and we’d love to hear from you too!

Contact Neil McEachern for more information or to get involved.

Get Started with Helpful Resources

Kick off your own in-person or virtual event today with the help of our resources, including a step-by-step event fundraising guidance!

Need more support? We're always here

Fundraising to support kids with special needs should be fun. Our goal is to support you in creating an enjoyable while achieving your fundraising goals. To get our support in planning your fundraising event, please:

Create a Unique Fundraising Event

Get started planning your Variety BC fundraising event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Invoice or make a payment to Variety BC?

You may need to pay a Sponsorship Invoice or a may a payment for an auction item or other item from Variety BC.  Please click on this link to make a payment:   Payment to Variety BC

How to change my address?

Please email [email protected] your old address and your new address.  We will be sure to make the change on your account.  Thank you for supporting Variety BC!

What type of funding is available to children who are in need of long-term hospital care?

For those children who are seriously ill and need prolonged hospitalization in one of the participating hospitals for more than one month, they can access the funding for comfort items (i.e. slippers, robes, books) or educational communication devices (i.e. iPads). This would include kids under cancer treatment, with severe breathing problems from asthma, serious infections, some complications of diabetes, or those involved in a serious automobile accident or near-drowning.

What if my child needs to go to a hospital not listed as a participating hospital?

Variety Cares Funds can only be distributed to the listed participating hospitals. If your hospital is not listed, please seek alternative financial support with the help of a local hospital social worker.

Is there an age requirement for the patient who needs to access Variety Cares Fund?

Per Variety’s guidelines, Variety Cares Funds can only be considered for those from birth up to a child’s 19th birthday and with a valid personal healthcare number (PHN or formerly known as CareCard)